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Tree Removal

When you need trees removed from your property, Spofford Excavation has the expertise and equipment to clear your property and prepare it for the next stage of development. No matter if you need a single tree removed, or have a large area needing to be cleared of trees and brush, we are the premier tree removal service in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Tree Removal Service
Is One Branch Of Our Business

We know that tree removal requires more than cutting down and leaving. We completely remove trees in the safest and most effective manner that the location allows. In addition, we backfill any holes that remain and clean-up and prepare the area so you can move forward with your project. We will also trim, clean-up, and remove dead or broken tree limbs and pull or grind down any unwanted stumps. Our range of New Hampshire tree removal and related services includes:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Stump removal; stump grinding
  • Brush clearing
  • Land restoration
  • Land clearing
  • Backfilling

Whether you have dead or dying trees that need removing for safety purposes, need land cleared for expansion, landscaping, or home improvement, or want to clear out undergrowth and understory trees to help improve the look of your property, we have the team of properly trained and fully insured personnel to do the job right. For all your tree removal services in New Hampshire, call Spofford Excavation today.