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Septic Systems

If you need septic system work in New Hampshire, Spofford Excavation can send a team of licensed septic installers anywhere in the state. We have the skills and equipment to handle any septic system of any size, including both new construction and septic system removal or replacement.

New Hampshire Septic System Installation

Your building’s septic system is vital to the health of all the occupants – whether it is your family or your tenants, and it is important to make sure that the site is properly prepared and the system is professionally installed. When the work is done properly, all you need to do is perform routine maintenance.

At Spofford Excavation, we provide a complete range of commercial and residential septic system services. These include:

  • Site assessment
  • New septic system installation
  • Leech field preparation
  • Septic tank removal
  • Septic tank replacement
  • Septic system repair

We free estimates for any project, and can provide an accurate timeline on how long the project will take to complete. All it takes is one phone call, and we can be onsite. If you need septic system work anywhere in New Hampshire, call us today.

Additional Septic System Services

We can also provide more assistance than simply installing or removing septic systems. Our licensed and trained crews can inspect your current system and provide a professional evaluation to determine whether it is still viable, if there are any problems with it, and what options are available to you.

Because we offer a professional package of proper equipment, best construction practices, and highly trained and experienced crews, we can complete any project quickly and efficiently with rates that are competitive with anyone in the industry. Call us today.