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Site Work – Residential

Residential excavation services in New Hampshire require a different level of skill and finesse not found on commercial site work. Because of smaller spaces and refined needs, precise and professional methods and techniques are needed to perform the task at hand while not creating problems elsewhere. (Read More)

Site Work – Commercial

Whether your project is a major industrial park, shopping center, part of a municipal improvement program, or any development that requires digging, filling, or earth moving of any kind, Spofford Excavation is ready to help you. (Read More)


Spofford Excavation has the skilled crews and necessary equipment for any industrial, commercial, or residential excavation project in New Hampshire, and will deliver quality excavation. (Read More)

Septic Systems

If you need septic system work in New Hampshire, Spofford Excavation can send a team of licensed septic installers anywhere in the state. We have the skills and equipment to handle any septic system of any size, including both new construction and septic system removal or replacement. (Read More)

Road Work & Subdivisions

Creating and preparing areas for roads and subdivision development is a strength of Spofford Excavation. With three generations of experience, we are a leading expert in the excavation of subdivisions and installation of roads, and our team of dedicated and seasoned professionals, combined with our top of the line equipment, puts us in position to handle your project from start to finish. (Read More)