Spofford Excavation – History

In 1944, Arthur Spofford moved off the family dairy farm in Concord, New Hampshire and set out to carve his place in the world, moving downstate with his young wife Ruth to the great town of Salem. With only an axe, a pickup, and an insatiable desire to succeed, he began clearing land and processing firewood. While this may seem a humble endeavor, through his hard work he was able to build a thriving business, and was able to pass the torch to his son, Stephen.

Stephen had inherited his father’s drive and business acumen, and used these gifts to take Spofford Excavation to the next level during the 1990s. While maintaining the company’s roots in the logging and land clearing business, Stephen helped nourish the company, moving it through the logical progressions towards excavation services. Starting with a single ton dump truck, an International backhoe, and the family drive to succeed, he was able to expand the business and build a fleet of heavy-duty dirt digging equipment that includes excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, graders, backhoes – every type of earth moving equipment on the market.

Now, Stephen’s son (and Arthur’s grandson) Eric has assumed the mantle of responsibility. Having grown up in the industry, spending summers riding shotgun on projects instead of engaging in idle pursuits, Eric is now the President of Spofford Excavation and is the driving force behind the company’s business development and growth. Stephen has not faded into retirement, but sits on Eric’s right hand as company Vice-president and is his trusted confidante, advisor, and guiding force.

Today, Eric and Stephen continue to work together, providing outstanding services throughout the southern New Hampshire area and growing and expanding a successful family-owned and operated business that will one day pass to Gavin, the next Spofford in line to take the reins of the business.