Welcome to Spofford Excavation

Spofford Excavation is a third generation commercial and residential excavation company providing excavation services for Derry and all of southern New Hampshire.

We provide a wide range of excavation and site preparation services that meet the needs of our clients. Among those services offer are:

  • Commercial construction and building site preparations
  • Septic tank site excavation, installation, and removal
  • Basement excavation
  • Residential excavation services
  • Road work, including clearing, grading, and bed preparation
  • Sub-division excavation and site preparation (including sewer and water line site prep)

For Commercial Excavation Services In Derry, Call Us

As diggers, we love getting down and dirty. But we are more than that – we are also dirt movers and can also deliver any type of fill you need. When grading or other types of site preparation are needed, call us. If you need sand or fill dirt, let us know where and when and we will deliver as much as you need.

We work with you through every stage of your project to make sure it is ready for the next stage of development or construction. We pride ourselves on delivering timely and professional services that keep your projects moving forward so it can come in on time and under budget.

New Hampshire Residential Excavation Services

Our residential services are just as thorough and professional as our commercial services are. Whether you need to put in a new septic tank or remove an old one, dig a new basement, prepare a foundation, or tear out a driveway, we arrive on time, work quickly, and leave the site in perfect shape for the next stage of development.

We Take Care of Your Bottom Line

No matter how large or small the project, we offer competitive prices that are an exceptional value. While many companies just come in and dig, we prepare the site, eliminating the burden of having to have additional crews to perform clean up and additional prep work just so you can move forward.

We have a fleet of the best dirt moving equipment in the industry, and our equipment operators and construction personnel have a work ethic that is unsurpassed in the industry. We do the job right the first time – saving you time and money.

By providing free and accurate estimates for any project you have in mind, you are able to assess costs and plan your budget accordingly. Because we can be ready to move when you are, downtime and the wasted costs associated with idle workers is eliminated. Call us today for any excavation project in New Hampshire.